To There and Back Again

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ideas-wall_480x330I was recently asked to complete my SharePoint profile at work, and one of the questions was related to past projects. So I started brainstorming some of the efforts in which I’ve had material involvement — either from a leadership perspective or a contributor perspective — and two thoughts kept running through my head:

  • I’ve been involved in some very challenging and exciting projects.
  • I really need to do a better job of documenting my experiences.

I launched my first web site in 1998 (using Microsoft FrontPage!) and my second in 1999, thankfully upgrading to Dreamweaver. By 2007, I had an inventory of nearly 200 domains, most of which were niche domains and blogs. A side effect of all these focused sites is that I never had a comfortable “home” for most of my personal musings. Partly because of my dogmatic desire to niche down, and partly because there was certainly no time to maintain a personal presence.

Beginning in 2010, I slowly let non-performing domains lapse, consolidating content as I went. By 2013, I was down to just over 30 domains. Still too much. While it was difficult to see years of effort and blog conversation relegated to the interwebs boneyard, by 2014 I had decided to lighten the load even further. So I’m once again repurposing several sites in an effort to simplify and to better document my project experiences. Here are a few that came to mind while I was completing my profile:

  • As a CFP in my “first career” after college, I focused on long-term financial planning. Within a few years, I became part of the team that designed the software I formerly used as a broker.
  • I led a physical security project that was used to prepare for a nuclear force drill executed by ex-military personnel. This project was exciting because the team was incredibly talented and driven.
  • How do you feel about taxes? I helped manage the project that overhauled the State of North Carolina’s integrated tax and compliance system.
  • In the days before iPhones and Android, back when we had target hundreds of handsets and Palm devices, I was the product manager of one of the very first mobile social phone applications. We called ’em MIDlets in those days!
  • Due to a budget shortfall, I was tasked with delivering a relational document management solution–without using a database! The resulting application was robust enough to withstand years of use without a single DNR (did not respond) event.
  • I managed a project to upgrade the outage management system used to protect the electrical grid servicing North and South Carolina.

I wonder what the next 15 years holds in store. . .

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