Automated Speed Tests on the Raspberry Pi

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speed test screenshot

In 2015, Google Fiber announced that they were coming to Raleigh. As of early 2017, a few neighborhoods have already gotten calls for installation. But I’m not holding my breath: my neighborhood is about as far north as you can get and still be considered Raleigh. Until I get that phone call, the only high-speed option I have is¬†RoadRunner through … Read More

Make a Time Lapse Camera with a Pi Zero

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Pi Zero camera on tripod

I participated in the 2016 Diabetes Walk at the NCSU Centennial Campus. I had this vision of walking with an LED matrix strapped to me so that my sponsors could update the display in real-time as I walked. I figured I would archive the whole thing with a time lapse video recorded on a homemade device. That was a bit … Read More

Network-wide Ad Blocking with a Raspberry Pi

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Pi-hole Admin Panel showing ads blocked

Advertising sucks. Well, some of it does. Aggressive monetization is killing the mobile web. I find mobile advertising to be the most excruciating form of advertising due to the sheer volume of ads served, coupled with their obtrusiveness. You start reading an article only to find the screen go unresponsive as an interstitial ad fades in, blocking your content. Tap … Read More

Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi

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SNES Mike Tyson Punchout

We are a gaming family. Board games, card games, video games — we spend a lot of our free time playing in one form or another. We have various iterations of several different modern consoles attached to TVs throughout our house, but sadly, all of my older games remain boxed. So for this painfully simple Raspberry Pi project, I wanted … Read More