Make a Time Lapse Camera with a Pi Zero

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Pi Zero camera on tripod

I participated in the 2016 Diabetes Walk at the NCSU Centennial Campus. I had this vision of walking with an LED matrix strapped to me so that my sponsors could update the display in real-time as I walked. I figured I would archive the whole thing with a time lapse video recorded on a homemade device. That was a bit … Read More

How to Learn Way Too Much About 3D Printers

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He3D I3 Printer Parts

I got a 3D printer for Christmas. Sort of. What I actually got was a large box of parts, that when properly assembled, could reasonably resemble a 3D printer. For about 18 months now, I’ve had a 3D printer on my wishlist: the Flashforge Creator Pro with dual extruders. But it can be difficult to justify a > $1,000 price … Read More