Gouge Pro Wrestling at Raleigh Brewing

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Otto launches Jimmy into the air

I have a friend who enjoys professional wrestling. He says it’s because of the performance value, and the dedication of the wrestlers to their craft. But he also has a box of stretch wrestlers from the 80’s that he can’t bring himself to give away. So it’s of course great fodder for someone like me who will harass him endlessly over the sport.

Otto launches Jimmy into the air

Otto Schwanz puts up a valiant effort vs. champion Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. at “Honey, I Suplexed the Kids”

This past weekend, I got word of a local wrestling event staffed by the folks over at Gouge Pro Wrestling (GOUGE = Gimmicks-only Underground Grappling Entertainment). Gouge hasn’t been too visible since 2012, but they bounced back big and moved from their traditional Rebus Works venue to the larger venue at Raleigh Brewing. Throw in some goodness from local food trucks Dump Pho King, Stuft, Captain Poncho’s, Chai’s Global Street Food, and the always delicious LocoPops, and a fine afternoon was crafted.

While what I saw pales in comparison to the ladder or cage matches my friend mentions, there’s something about the desensitization of watching it on a television that saps the entertainment value for me. Seeing this in person, fueled by Blatherskite Scottish Ale, a steak Loco Burrito, a Chai bubble tea, and a Chile-Mango popsicle, was a great experience.

Gouge Pro Wrestling comes back to Raleigh Brewing on July 27.

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