• Hi, I'm Shaun.
  • I'm an executive consultant, entrepreneur, and father to two insanely cool kids.
  • I live, work, and play in beautiful Raleigh, NC.

Work and Play

Work, the ol' 9-to-5
I help my clients generate profitable growth faster than their competitors. Over the past several years I’ve led project rescue efforts, mentored project management offices, configured and improved MS-Project Server implementations, established enterprise-level capabilities like resource management and project prioritization, implemented business intelligence programs, and developed strategic planning practices.
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Moonlight and Play
My “play” time is devoted to things about which I’m passionate, and that covers a fair amount of ground. My non-work life includes time spent hanging out with two very cool kids, entrepreneurial activities like product development and internet marketing, mobile and game development, more than a dozen hobbies, and my time spent in and around Raleigh, NC. As in my work life, I’m a firm believer in continual learning and purposeful activity.
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What I’ve Been Up To